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' i am, my own happiness.' 19 years young, dudet with short hair. swimmer, long boarder, snowboarder, surfer. the good life


The chest is one of the best areas of the body to get a tattoo because it provides a wide yet inconspicuous “canvas” for various tattoo designs. Here are 33 chest tattoos ideas for men. #5 is my Fav! source:

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What does that tattoo mean?

Taking and posting selfies means that you feel confident and beautiful. You are pleased about your look and wanna share your happiness Getting comments from people who think i look brutal cause i wear dreads, have piercings, tattoos and a shaved head make me wonder and giggle. Because i simply feel pretty <3

Girls With Tattoos Are Hotter: Check out Girls With Tattoos Are Hotter! #11 is a stunner!
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To the end of the universe and back.
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A wolf tattoo design I drew that I’m planning to get on my leg at some point :3
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